Terms & conditions | Dragon Holidays BD


  1. All air ticket & other service price subject to availability at the time of booking. Not at the time of payment

  2. All air / land tickets are non-refundable & non-changeable in any case unless mentioned otherwise

  3. Any changes in air ticket is subject to airline fee, agency service charge, fare difference & agency/airlines policies. When you purchase from agent, any rules regarding the service sold, agency policy will get preference first.

  4. By purchasing from an agent client agrees that he/she is dealing with the agent only. Agent will not provide any information to 3rd party and are not liable to do so. Any form of communication between client and agent will be in the form of written media (Digital / non-digital such as sms, whats app, viber, email, messenger)

  5. Clients are expected to read all details of the service before purchasing. Any disagreement about service terms raised about a service after purchase is complete will not be entertained whatsoever.

  6. Passengers must check their flight online 24 hours before departure time for any changes. Or they can contact the airlines to check flight status.

  7. Air tickets cannot be booked for more than the allowed timeline provided by each airline

  8. We do not provide booking copies to passengers if the ticket is not issued

  9. We do not make any dummy bookings unless payment is made for issuing the ticket

  10. We will not issue or had over-air tickets if proper documents such as passport copies / visa copies or any other document that is required to visit the specific country are not submitted to us

  11. It is the passenger's responsibility to make sure he/she has all required and valid documents for travel such as a passport with correct validity (minimum 6 months, visa & other documents

  12. Any issue related to flight seating, timing, cancellation and other ancillary services is the responsibility of airline.

  13. As travel agents we are responsible to book & issue your flight ticket, give you advice on current flight offers, help you select the best carrier or flight route. We are not responsible for post flight booking issues which we have no control over.

  14. Please check your ticket after receiving it. If there is any wrong information please notify us within 1 hour of receiving it or with in same working day (with at least 2 hours left of the working day). Otherwise we will not be liable for any inconvenience.

  15. Immigration authority or airline reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger who does not meet required valid documents for his trip

  16. Any financial loss due to flight delay or cancellation is not our responsibility

  17. After ticket is issued all information regarding the flight must be checked by passenger with airlines directly. We as an agent cannot provide updated information about flight delays as only airlines has the server connections to notify passengers about flight delays on time.

  18. All air tickets will be cancelled 24 hours before flight time if 100% payment is not made by passenger

  19. Passengers must provide valid passport and visa proof to issue tickets

  20. Any service other than air ticket issuing is subject to extra fees depending on airline policy such as seat selection, meals, upgrading, wheelchair, transit visa, transit accommodation or other services

  21. We will not provide passengers any air tickets until the ticket value is paid in full

  22. All travel services made available are provided by third party suppliers (Airlines, Hotels, Transport operators etc).  Dragon Holidays BD does not hold responsibility for any issue about services provided by third party providers. Please check your third party service details & rules before purchasing any service from us

  23. As a part of our air ticket purchase service we will book the purchased flight for the passenger. If the particular airline allows seat selection free of cost we shall allocate seats as per availability during the purchase process. If requested and airlines allows we can request special meal or wheel chair. Any other services like online check in or other ancillary services we do not provide free of cost. Online check in service cost BDT 500 per person per flight check in.

  24. Air fare can change anytime even after booking is made. Passenger is expected to pay the difference

  25. Only after air ticket is issued with 100% payment, offered fare may be confirmed

  26. Cancelled tickets follow usual cancel and refund protocol with airlines and agency service charges applicable

  27. For any tickets voided there will be void charges and service charges applicable for refund

  28. Any air ticket may be declared non refundable by agent irrespective of carrier rules as long as it does not exceed carrier rules

  29. We do not disclose all information related to an air ticket before purchase due to operational constraints. If passenger asks for related information we will provide if it is with in our company policy to do so

  30. All passengers much check required document requirements for entering their destination countries. These include, visa requirement, covid rules, health protocol & other related preparation to enter the country. It is the passengers responsibility to have all the appropriate documents

  31. From MAY 2022 Due to unusual price increase of the USD & changing price that is unpredictable everyday all prices of our services posted may be changed without prior notice at any point in time, even after partial/full payment is made for the service. We apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. All prices are subject to change without prior notice as per availability. Even after advance payment prices may change till booking is confirmed

  2. After quotation is provided if package is not booked with in 24 hours or as mentioned price may increase

  3. All tour package & related services are subject to availability at the time of booking. Not at the time of payment received from guest

  4. We have 4 categories of tour packages with include different types & levels of service as well as different quality of accommodations. Such as
    3* Category: Includes cost effective 3* Hotels & limited services
    3*+ Category: Includes good quality 3* hotels & live chat support during tours & transfers
    4* Category: Includes good quality 4* hotels & live chat support during tours & transfers
    5* Category: Includes good quality 5* hotels & live chat support during tours & transfers

  5. All accommodation names mentioned will be included as per individual tour package details but in the case of un availability similar accommodation will be provided. By the word “similar” we mean an alternative accommodation that will a) be of the same star category b) be near to the original accommodation or in another location that serves the tour package in the same way  c) have comparable room category (double/twin/triple/family) & breakfast. In case of any accommodation change we try our utmost best to provide an even better & upgraded facility but may not match exactly with the original offered one

  6. All price quotations provided may be valid for a maximum of 24 hours and are subject to availability

  7. After client has made full payment if any price of service increases or becomes unavailable for booking then client must pay the difference of price for alternate services provided.

  8. For services that are refundable a refund will be given to client if service is cancelled within mentioned timeline minus any cancellation fees

  9. Cancellation terms apply for all passengers in a group cancelled together at the same time

  10. After payment is made by the client to the agent no refunds will be given to client for all non refundable services. This includes situations where client changes his mind right after making payment

  11. Service charges applicable if you dont purchase given service quotation after visa is approved depending on purchase conditions mentioned upon purchase receipt / email / chat

  12. All unpaid service will be cancelled without notice 4 days before departure date

  13. We will not provide any custom tour package quotation without being informed of guest actual budget for tour or visa copy

  14. By default, we will provide the base category rooms available in the hotel. If a passenger requires any special type of facility in the room he/she must notify in advance & pay additional fees if applicable

  15. If services are changeable then service change request can be made minimum 7 working days before service date. Less than 7 days notice change may nto be possible. Service change request approval depends on local operator & cannot be guaranteed. If changes cannot be made then we do not bear any responsibility as all services are booked as per original booking date / time.

  16. All services sold are non refundable, non changeable, non transferable unless mentioned otherwise

  17. Service vouchers shall be provided 1 to 7 days prior to departure & not earlier

  18. After departure all communications related to tours & transport must be done directly with the local operator by the guests. We cannot communicate on behalf of the guest as it is not possible in real time scenarios. Therefore it is not in our policy to communicate between local operator & guest after departure time. We may forward updated information to local operator / guest when required

  19. As a travel agent or travel consultant our service includes booking flights, hotels, tours, transfers. Every one of these services has individual service providers and each of the services are delivered as per individual operator or service provider rules & regulations. It is not possible to communicate each and every terms & rules of each service provider therefore as a travel counselor we shall communicate price & inclusions to the price only against services purchased. We provide no other information other than what services are purchased. Any information other than what is made available from the local operator we cannot provide. It is the responsibility of the passenger to know the international travel rules including rules of entry to  the specific foreign country he/she will visit.

  20. Published rates are not valid during black out periods such as holidays, trade fairs, exhibitions and special events

  21. Please check your vouchers after receiving it. If there is any wrong information please notify us within 1 hour of receiving it or with in same working day (with at least 2 hours left of the working day). Otherwise we will not be liable for any inconvenience.

  22. It is the guest’s responsibility to be at the designated pick up / drop off spot & locate your driver / tour guide. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the transfer or tour without refunds

  23. Sometimes local operators may instruct guests to a certain meeting point even though hotel pick up is included. This is due to local operator operational changes. We apologies for any inconvenience. If you are dissatisfied you may file complaint agaisnt the local operator

  24. If you cant find your driver/guide please wait 5 minutes and call the local operator number given in your voucher. If you call us it will take much more time to solve your problem.

  25. We always put pick up time 2-4 hours after flight landing time (depending on destination airport)  to be safe & account for flight delays. So you may have to wait at arrival hall if you exit on time or early

  26. Each adult passenger can bring during the entire journey one check in luggage no large than 24 inch long 18 inch wide & 10 inch deep + 1 carry on 14 inch long, 12 inch wide & 9 inch deep . Extra charges apply if luggage allowance exceeded. This allowance may vary destination to destination & operator to operator

  27. If your hotel is out of local operator services, then extra surcharges apply that must be paid by passenger on spot to the driver directly

  28. Transfers from 09 PM to 07 AM will have extra surcharges applied that must be paid by passenger on spot or to us in advance

  29. If the local operator cancelles any service with or without prior notice we can refund the actual service fee minus processing, payment & other service charges. Other than this we are not liable for any damages that may result in the cancellation.

  30. Any travel documents in foreign language must be taken to the actual service provider or authority to be used or to get any support for.

  31. If your hotel is outside local operator service are you must meet your driver / tour guide at mentioned location on your own expense

  32. Guests must contact local operator 24 hours prior to your tour to confirm your attendance & pick up location/Time. Otherwise you may miss the tour. To do this call the local number & mention your service name ( airport transfer / tour), booking number & your name. Do not mention any other information as this will create confusion & local representative may not speak good English

  33. If local operator fails to deliver the service you must file official complaint with verifiable proof with in 2 days of the tour date. We will investigate the issue & provide refunds if complaint is valid & local operator do not dispute. Dispute & refund processing time may take 30 to 180 days depending on country of operation. Complains received after 2 days & without verifiable proof will not be entertained

  34. Dispute will be accepted only if a service is not delivered. No subjective judgement about the experience will be accepted as dispute after service is delivered

  35. Entry fees to attractions are not included in any tour unless mentioned otherwise

  36. Package prices mentioned  are per person based on minimum of 2 passengers or said otherwise

  37. All local operators reserve the right to cancel any service at any time with or without refund depending on the situation. Any cancellation by local operator is the responsibility of the local operator only & we will not be liable for it in any case, shape or form.

  38. Several items within a tour package such as train / bus / domestic flight tickets are dynamic and cannot be guaranteed any specific date / time /carrier until final ticket is issued by the supplier. Here final tickets issued by supplier must be accepted by passenger as we have no option to change as supplier will issue tickets as per availability

  39. Booked package must be cancelled 31+ days prior to departure date subject to each tour package individual terms & conditions. If done so refund may be given minus non refundable services & 10% service charge. If cancelled after 31 days prior to departure then no refunds will be given in any case

  40. No refunds will be given for unutilized services. Any advance given for any package is non refundable in any case

  41. Due to unavoidable circumstances some changes to the package may be necessary, we apologies for any inconvenience & expect your kind understanding.

  42. Some tours may be unavailable or may have been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. In such case we will offer alternate tour or offer a refund against original tour booked

  43. Rooms near your family / friends depends on availability, there is no certainty for that

  44. Room & room bed category depends on availability upon check in

  45. Any complaint regarding flights must be done with airlines directly

  46. Any complaint regarding sightseeing must be done with local operator directly

  47. Any complaint regarding transport or other services must be placed with local operator directly

  48. Waiting time at the airport maybe 15-90 min depending on local operator. Waiting/extra luggage charges may apply. Each adult is allowed one luggage (28 inch max) & one carry on (12 inch max). Failure to arrive on time for any reason what so ever will result in booking cancellation / no show & guest must arrange own transport

  49. If you are not at designated meet up location to find the driver & or are late, there may be extra waiting fee charged by the local operator paid directly to the driver or local operator. Any delay caused by any event such as airlines delay will not be considered as waving of waitting fees.  Any kind of delay other than caused by local operator will result in waiting fees

  50. We are not responsible for any additional costs or circumstances that are beyond our control such as technical problems with transportation, bad weather, government imposed taxes or additional fees

  51. All passengers must take all required documents for entry to the destination country, which is their responsibility

  52. Services delivered may not look exactly as per visual images published on our website or ads. As all facilities are controlled by local operator only we do not have control over these things such as hotels, tours, experiences, transfers, attractions among others.

  53. No changes permitted after services have been confirmed. Full change fees applicable if notice of required changes are submitted via email or in writing minimum 7+ working days before departure subject to local operator policies

  54. Guest must arrive at pick up spots 15 minutes earlier than notified time. Failure to do so may be counted as no show / cancel with no refunds

  55. Guests can communicates with local operator to make changes to their bookings but no guarantee can be given that those changes will take place & tour operator may cancel the service without prior notice with no refunds.

  56. No additional instruction to the local operator/guide / driver for any changes in itinerary can be made. Exact timing & itinerary should be followed by the guest. Any instruction to wait / return / come back / other changes may result in confusion & cancellation of the booking with no responsibility to Dragon Holidays BD

  57. Air fare is non refundable in any situation regardless of airlines rules. Any changes made to the itinerary are subject to fees & service charges

  58. After arrival in destination guest must communicate with local operator for basic needs such as locating the driver / guide at pick up time. Any communication with local operator by the guest must be notified to Dragon Holidays BD otherwise confusion may be created as local operators from foreign countries do not speak English very well.

  59. All tour packages are non-refundable, non-changeable. If change is permitted you are required to pay the price difference for new dates.

  60. The guests are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the resort / hotel where they are accommodated

  61. In the unlikely event of reserved accommodation not available for you upon arrival at your destination, we would immediately arrange for an alternate accommodation of the same standards

  62. We shall have no legal liability for any loss, damage, personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your holiday

  63. Journey undertaken by air, land or sea is governed by the terms and conditions of the service provider. Any changes made by the service provider is out of our control

  64. In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown, local operator provide you alternate vehicle. However, the time loss due to event will not be compensated

  65. In case of any immigration/Visa complications, the cancellation policy shall be applicable in full as non refundable

  66. As a part of our customer service, we provide two types of customer support

    # General or basic customer support:
    By default all our customers for holiday packages will receive these services. This support service includes booking, checking, cancellation, refund & date change services for holiday packages during office hours on working days subject to additional fees. Outside these services, we do not provide any other customer service such as support during tours while guest is abroad. No live support is provided during tours & transport. Claims for missing tours or transport or any other service claims will not be entertained under this customer support category in any way what so ever. Any issues or complaints must be submitted through email & we will get back to you with in 3-7 working days.

    # 24/7 Global chat support
    Our 24/7 Global Customer support includes customer support via whats app chat or email during tours & transfer pick up for our guests during tours / transfers abroad or around the world. We will be there by your side no matter where you are in the world. This support is given for services booked. Under this support category, we may communicate on behalf of the guests with local tour operators for services that we have booked. This service must be mentioned in holiday package inclusions during purchase / booking process. Otherwise, this service is not provided by default. (Separate protocol for group tours applicable)

  67. For all group tours after the tour has begun all communications must be done through local operator only. Any communication required during tours or transfers for group tours must be done directly with local operator due to large volume of passengers in a group.

  68. Communicating with us about local operator or service issues will require a complaint form to be filled up & submitted for review which may take one to six months to investigate and process

  69. 50% of total payment must be made for bookings the departure date of which is 31+ days or mentioned otherwise. For bookings less than 31 days early 100% payment is required. Advanced booking money is non refundable in any case of cancellation in all situations after less than 30 days is left of departure date regardless of accommodation or any other party involved.

  70. Any changes to your tour after you have made payment requires new fees depending on the changes you require

  71. Any bookings made by us may or may not be under guest name. As per different local establishment rules & policies

  72. It may take up to 2-7 working days to issue actual service vouchers depending on accommodation & other local operators

  73. Hotels, resorts, transportation or any tour operator may charge guests extra as per their specific policies on surcharges regardless of what is mentioned in the guest voucher. Dragon Holidays BD is not responsible for this type of fees.

  74. We are not responsible for any delays by 3rd party airlines, local transport or local tour operators. Any financial loss due to delays are not our responsibility. Any transport will not wait after specific waiting time. Delay due to flights will result in booking becoming a no show with no refunds given. Guest must arrange own transport in this case

  75. Any delay by airline will result in missing your airport transfer or tour & is not changeable. Please arrange alternative transport yourself

  76. Your driver will wait a limited amount of time after your flight lands depending upon local operator waiting time which can be 30 – 60 minutes. If you dont find driver near the arrival area / exit gates then driver will leave with no refunds given. If flight is delayed inform local operator immediately. They may be able to reschedule your pick up. Otherwise pick up will be cancelled with no refunds

  77. BASIC/BUDGET tour package customers will not get any global support ( We will not respond to any communication during/after the tour abroad ). Only local operator support will be there

  78. BASIC/BUDGET tour package customers cannot claim any missing service for any reason what so ever. If he cannot find a driver / tour guide for any reason we will not communicate & nor will we accept any claim that service was not delivered

  79. BASIC/BUDGET tour package customers cannot complain about any service they received during their tour. If they complain in any way ( Via phone / email / social media / word of mouth ) then customer must pay surcharge per person to get global support

  80. BASIC/BUDGET tour package customers will receive all vouchers one or two days before departure

  81. BASIC/BUDGET tour package customers will receive support only if hotel denies the booking voucher provided to them & says there is no booking

  82. As budget travel arrangement local providers are cheap & do not follow standard levels of service compliance we will not provide any support for this type of services booked

  83. Please note it is customer’s responsibility to locate the driver as driver has limited authority to move inside the airport

  84. Child / Infant policy subject to individual hotel/transport/local tour operator

  85. We are not responsible for any aspect of the tour that is out of our control or jurisdiction

  86. Failure to mention all details of children including age , height, number or any other information is subject to local establishment or tour operator decision. We are not liable for any financial loss if incurred

  87. Any TAX, service charge, or other fees imposed by local or foreign government must be paid by guest directly to authority upon arrival or check in

  88. Some low cost hotels may not have 24 hour check in service for which the guest must wait until the check in staff office hours start, specially if the passenger flight lands at odd hours like at 1am in the morning.

  89. Any extra charge imposed by any 3rd party is payable to 3rd party directly by the guest and are not our responsibility. Any fee may be imposed by 3rd party like airlines or hotel as per their policy or as per extra facility given to the guests, payable by guest directly

  90. Any change made by local operator is out of our control therefore is not our responsibility

  91. If any hotel / tour / transport or other service is not available on spot please call the local tour operator or local partner number on the voucher & mention your booking number & name. No other information is required. Local operator will arrange alternative service as per availability

  92. Please wait 10 minutes before calling local tour operator

  93. If you book your package / hotel / other service less than 7 working days before departure date then we may not be able to deliver service as quoted as we need 7+ working days to confirm any tour package / hotels / tours & other services

  94. Guest must have international roaming SIM or internet connection to receive updates about his trip at all times. We are not responsible if guest missed any information update sent to him via internet / email / whats app / viber / emo / other media

  95. Any tours may or may not include transfers from hotel depending on tour operator policy. Any tour which includes hotel transfers may not be available if your hotel is not covered by the tour operator service area

  96. It is passengers responsibility to bring required documents for entry to a foreign country

  97. If a flight is cancelled or missed by passenger he must contact airlines to change dates

  98. আপনার ডেস্টিনেশান এ যাবার পর ট্যুর গাইড, ড্রাইভার অথবা অন্য কারো মোবাইল নম্বর নিয়ে পরবর্তীতে তাকে সরাসরি যোগাযোগ করে কোন সার্ভিস নেয়া সম্পূর্ণ নিশিদ্ধ। এটা করা নিরাপদ নয় কারন আমরা ওই দেশের ইন্টারন্যাশনাল ট্রাভেল কোম্পানির সাথে চুক্তিবদ্ধ। আপনার নিরাপত্তার দায়িত্ব তারা নিবে। আপনি নিজে ভিনদেশি কারো সাথে সরাসরি যোগাযোগ করে সার্ভিস নিতে গেলে আপনার নিরাপত্তার দায়িত্ব কেউ নিবে না। আপনার নিরাপত্তা ও যথাযত সার্ভিস নিশ্চিত করা আমাদের প্রথম প্রাইওরিটি

  99. Any refunds processing time will be from 30 to 90 days depending on local tour operator policy

  100. Entry fees to attractions, sights, historical or other places are not included & must be paid by guest on spot

  101. All hotel rooms are provided as basic version of any hotel in DBL / TWN if not mentioned otherwise by guest in advance. Any request for specific room subject to availability & extra fees

  102. Purchasing tour package or hotel service means you have seen the hotel that is offered and agree to it. Please look at the hotel information online before confirming

  103. Dispute / complaint may be submitted for any service that is not delivered or was missing from the tour package. No complaint for subjective judgement of any service delivered shall be entertained

  104. All complaints must be submitted in written form

  105. Any service that was included in tour package but not delivered must be proven with proof from local representative / image / video / written proof that proves the service was not delivered at the time of delivery. Without any valid proof no complain shall be entertained

  106. Any service complain / dispute  may require 7 days to 3 months or more to resolve depending on country & local policy

  107. Any complaint must be filed to us with in 4 working days of the day the event took place. Any complaint filed after this time will not be accepted

  108. No entry fees are included in any of the tours unless it is mentioned specifically

  109. For all group tours after the tour has begun all communications must be done through local operator only

  110. For European fixed departure group tours we have no control over which exact hotel will be provided. But we will share a list of hotels before booking & the hotels will certainly be with in that list but beyond this we cannot guarantee exactly which hotel will be provided as hotels are finalized in group tours 48 hours before departure date.

  111. All transport, tours & other services will be cancelled without refund if guest cannot be found at pick up location on time despite airline or other delays

  112. If flight is delayed or missed then guest must notify us immediately at the time they realise the flight is delayed or missed. Then we might be able to arrange airport transport but no guarantee. Otherwise airport transfer or land transfers will be counted as no show & no refunds given

  113. If any changes are needed after service is confirmed guest must send us email from original email used to confirm or written order for change with details. Subject to change fees

  114. If you are in the middle of a tour abroad then kindly contact local operator as per instructed. Do not send any message to us during tour abroad as local operator will be able to solve any issue faster on spot

  115. We provide no other documentation regarding any service other than standard documents like vouchers, receipt / invoice, itinerary

  116. By purchasing from us you agree to all of our terms and conditions

  117. Dragon Holidays BD reserves the right to change any policy without prior notice


  1. Hotels & resorts are 3rd party service providers with individual service terms & rules

  2. Hotel standard check in 1400 -1500 hrs & check out 1100 - 1200 hrs. Early check in or late check out may have extra fees charged by accommodation directly to guest

  3. We encourage all guests to check hotel website online to see hotel standard & facilities. But purchasing travel services from us you agree to the service standard of the hotel provided through checking the facilities of the hotel online from the hotel official website

  4. We do not guarantee of any hotel specific services. All hotel services advertised on hotel website is the responsibility of the individual hotel

  5. We will provide travel services / accommodation images if available after full payment for booking is complete. Otherwise please check online

  6. By default, we will provide the base category rooms available in the hotel. If a passenger requires any special type of facility in the room he/she must notify us in advance & pay additional fees if applicable

  7. For a triple / quad occupancy room a hotel may provide extra beds for 3rd/4th occupant as per hotel policy. We cannot guarantee type of bed to be provided. If guests have special requirement about bedding please mention in writing before booking any hotel accommodation or package

  8. We do not guarantee any special requests such as adjacent rooms, same floor rooms, connecting rooms, certain type of bed, certain category of room, room with specific facilities or any other type of request that does not consist of the base room booking

  9. Any hotel in the world has the right to deny accommodation even with a confirmed booking due to a number of reasons such as over booking or local supplier dispute. In such case we will either arrange alternate accommodation or provide refund. Other than that we are unable to provide any other solution as it is out of our jurisdiction & we apologies for any inconvenience faced by the passenger.

  10. Any complaints regarding accommodation guests must complain directly to the hotel reception

  11. Any local TAX must be paid by guest upon arrival of the foreign country , hotel, tourist spot

  12.  For Maldives Please note Green TAX $6 per person per night may be collected by property directly. Please ask before booking if you are concerned about this fee 

  13. For UAE Please note tourism dirham fee may be collected by your hotel which may not be included in your package in the following per room per night basis. For 5* Hotel AED 20, 4* Hotel AED 15 ,  3* Hotel AED 10 , Budget hotels AED 7. Please ask before booking if you are concerned about this fee.

  14. For Malaysia  MYR 10 per room per night tourism tax may be collected directly by the hotels. This fee may not be included in the package price. Please ask before booking if you are concerned about the tax 

  15. For European hotels city tax per person per night ranges from EUR 4-10 depending on star category hotel. This fee is not usually included for hotels booked only or customized tours. Please contact us to know if this tax is included or not. 

  16. Any hotel / resort in the world during Christmas, New year or other local holiday may Request You to pay for Gala Dinner Charges at the time of Checkin  if your stay falls with in stipulated holiday period. These additional charges are not included in the booking amount and will be collected directly at the hotel.

  17. Hotels / Resorts / Tour operators in Philippine may charge PHP 150/200 per person as a one time environment fee. Guest must keep te receipt of the fee to show to other service providers so that they are not charged again with in 7 days period

    For Indonesia properties guest may  need to pay an additional IDR 150,000 (approx USD 10) per person as Tourism Tax at the hotel during check-in

  18.  Any hotel in the world may require you to pay a security deposit during check in. This fee is refundable when you check out 

  19. Hotel / Resort may charge guest extra for extra amenities used

  20. Budget hotels or 2* or below 2* hotels may charge passenger extra fees that may not be possible to communicate before booking. Due to the nature of low price cheap hotels we cannot guarantee such charges will not be brought upon the guest during stay.

  21. Mostly Budget hotels or 2* or below 2* hotels may have over bookings or may not have processed bookings on time therefore even after getting a successful booking voucher a passenger may not get accommodation when he/she checks into the hotel. Due to the nature of cheap hotel service, process & policies this usually happens for budget hotels. We do not have any control over this issue & we encourage everyone not to book budget or cheap hotels. In such event we will refund the guest after receiving a refund application but alternate accommodation on spot may not be available depending on other hotel availability. We apologies for any inconvenience due to this sort of incidents.

  22. Last minute bookings which is defined as less than 24-72 working hours left before check in are urgent bookings. These bookings may not go thorugh even after getting a successful booking document. We will refund guest in such case but this is out of our operational jurisdiction.

  23. We try to maintain hotel quality to the best of our abilities. By booking hotels with us we encourage guests to see hotels from their official website for any feature guest needs, if required

  24. Any room change request after confirmed booking must be made upon check in at hotel subject to hotel fees

  25. No extra bed is provided for children if not mentioned in writing specifically before booking request is made subject to extra fees. If gust needs extra bed guest must request this in writing before booking is made

  26. Any complaints About a hotel room or other service must be addressed with clear image / video and proof


  1. Different services have individual payment, booking & refund rules as per local operator. Therefore each service is executed as per individual service rules

  2. Due to Covid-19 all refunds may take a minimum of 1 to 6 months or more due to financial backlog of airlines & other payments. We apologies for the inconvenience. We are trying to serve you with the best of our ability. All other refund rules (mentioned below) are considered in active at this moment

  3. No service voucher, air tickets & other documents will be handed over until 100% payment is cleared

  4. For online domestic bank transfers we advise use NPSB system only

  5. We will only accept payment after the transfer is successful & balance is visible in our account

  6. For any problem during online bank transfers or other online payments we are not liable as online payments are controlled by individual banks & payment gateway providers. Any complaint or issue raised related to online payments must be made to the payment service provider only. We are not equipped to deal with issues related to online payment problems.

  7. Any refund & cancellation policty given by us ( the agent) will be final irrespective of any 3rd party service provider or operator

  8. All service price will be final at the time of actual booking. Not at the time of payment by client. Client must  pay any difference of price that may occur during this period. Any dispute due to price difference after payment can be met with a refund with a minimum of 15% service charge on total service value deducted with a minimum of BDT 2000+ per person. If client disagrees with any price increase after payment he must notify us in writing with in 1 hour of getting confirmation from us that the service price will increase from the original quotation. If done so we shall arrange for the refund minus the service charge with in 7 working days if no booking has been made. If any bookings are made then refund process will occur minus non refundable fees.

  9. Any refunds above BDT 5000/- will be sent to lead guest bank account only. No cash refunds allowed above BDT 5000/- value

  10. All services are non refundable unless said otherwise in the the original service voucher

  11. Any service cancellation must be done through client’s original email or original communication method (must be in writing) with in cancellation deadline

  12. Any refund that we approve which the financial transaction done with BDT currency and does not involve overseas transactions will take up to 7 working days to refund if all protocol is followed

  13. Client must provide original proof of payment (Bank deposit slip, money receipt etc) to receive any refund. Without proof of original payment no refunds shall be given

  14. Any service that involved USD currency conversion may take 30 to 180 days depending on service provider such as hotel, flights, tours, transfers etc.

  15. If a foreign service provider goes out of business while owing refund we as a travel agency cannot take legal action against such company for the guest as existing infrustructure does not accommodate such initiatives for foreign or domestic service providers

  16.  All booking will be cancelled without notice 2 working days before departure date if full payment is not cleared

  17. 50% Advance payment may be acceptable if departure date is 30+ Days from booking date depending on 3rd party supplier policies. If departure date is less than 30 days away then 100% payment must be made to do any kind of bookings

  18. Late payments will be subject to extra fees. 2 – 5 Days delay = 2% of total due bill. 6-10 Days delay 5% on total due bill, 11-30 Days delay 10% on total due bill. After 30 days we will file lawsuit for due bill + legal fees + court fees + compensation for harassment. No notice will be given to client before filing lawsuit

  19. We will respond to your communication only with in office hours (10:30am to 07:00 pm) & working days ( Sat – Thu, except govt holidays & other holidays )

  20. International travel involves many foreign bodies such as foreign embassy, immigration body, airlines, accommodations, tour operators, transport & more. Any change beyond/with in our control can be made without prior notice as there is no way to influence these foreign bodies, especially foreign government entities. No financial damage shall be compensated for any change made by any foreign body. All refunds subject to refund fees as per individual service

  21. Any refund regarding any service purchased is subject to cancellation charges depending on specific services purchased

  22. Any refund will be refunded minus payment gateway charges

  23. All tickets that are cancelled and refunded will be treated as same even it is voided the same day. General cancellation and refund fees will apply

  24. All communication must be made through the initial contact person with whom you took the service from. Other office staff cannot help you & cannot entertain your inquiry

  25. 24/7 Global customer support during tours & transfers is an add on service & we do not provide it for all tour package offers by default unless it is mentioned in the offer inclusion section. Instead we have 24/7 local customer support from local operators for all tour package offers we have.

  26. 24/7 Global customer support is provided via whats app chat during airport to hotel airport transfer time, city to city transfer time & sightseeing time only.  Services must be booked by us.

  27. We are only responsible for the services we provide and are liable for & limited to the the amount paid to us for the service provided. Any claim outside the total value of the service provided will not be entertained in any case what so ever

  28. All refunds will be given minus our service charge, commissions, payment gateway processing fee & any other fees applicable

  29. All travel services maybe declared as non refundable by the agency irrespective of actual service provider such as hotels, airlines, tour operators, transport providers, attractions and others

  30. For any online bank account transfer we encourage our clients to use NPSB system which ensures instant bank transfer. Please note we will not deliver service until the amount appears in our bank account statement. Due to late payment if any extra charges occur or price of flights or other services increase the difference of price must be paid by the customer. We are not responsible for interbank payment delays. If for any reason for delay in payment customer wants to cancel the service then refund will be given minus any cancellation fees and 10% service charge.

  31. Any discount or promotion price is set upon the original service provider price which was highest during last 365 days

  32. If you do not understand any terms or any document we provide it is your responsibility to ask us and understand


  1. 100% processing fee and all of the required documents must be provided all together in advance

  2. For first world country visa our processing may take minimum of 15 working days

  3. We do not give any guarantee of any visa approval for any client. Visa approval depends on the embassy decision. If any visa is refused respective embassy may or may not provide reason, rejection seal or any other official protocol that the respective embassy might have. We are not responsible or will answer for any such decision

  4. We do not have any influence over any embassy’s visa decision & we do not claim to have so

  5. Visa processing time will start after 100% of the processing fee is paid & applicant has provided all correct information and documents related to the visa

  6. Our First world country visa processing includes below services only:
    - Applicant's full profile assessment (Travel history, Social background, Economical history, professional history)

    - Visa application processing (Online / offline)
    - One 20 min consultation session with our lead counsellor
    - One 20 min file receiving session with our other consultant
    - One appointment booking at embassy (If needed)
    - Total 3 file processing notifications or updates. Topics for the updates given are: a) Visa work has started b) For appointment or extra info / document c) For file delivery

    Outside these above mentioned work we will not provide any other service.

  7. All due payments must be cleared before file delivery (first world country visa)

  8. All embassy fee for all first world ocuntry visa must be done bay applicant. We are not responsible to pay any embassy fee for any first world country visas. (Applicable For: Us/Uk/Australia/Canada/Russia/Brazil/Schengen/Europe)

  9. Please check your visa after receiving it. If there is any wrong information please notify us within 1 hour of receiving it or with in same working day (with at least 2 hours left of the working day). Otherwise we will not be liable for any inconvenience.

  10. All our first world country visa service charges are dynamic and are declared on a case by case basis

  11. All visa delivery / appointment dates are approximate / subject to embassy decision

  12. Any visa delivery or appointment dates may be changed / cancelled by the embassy without prior notice. Neither we nor the embassy is bound to give any reason for any cancellations

  13. Any embassy may delay visa delivery or appointment to an uncertain timeline for which we are not responsible for any consequence as a result of this delay

  14. We are not responsible for any circumstances due to delay in the visa process due to embassy internal/external issues

  15. All visa service charges & embassy fees are non refundable in any case or situation of the visa outcome what so ever

  16. All our visa services have Terms & Conditions applicable. Most of the visa services are low priced and subject to holiday package purchase after visa is issued or air ticket & hotel booking purchase. Without these extra services purchased visa fee will be different to what is published. In such case per person visa fees may increase from BDT 1000 to 10,000 per person

  17. All applicants must provide fully ready and submittable documents to us. This includes all notary, certification, translation etc

  18. We do not provide any false papers or identity of any kind. Dragon Holidays BD will not advice anyone anything that is not legal or un ethical

  19. After full payment if client wants to cancel the service with in one hour client will get 80% of visa processing fee & 100% of the embassy fee if embassy fee is not paid already, if embassy fee already paid then no refund will be given. No refunds will be given after one hour of receiving payment from the applicant or if the visa process has already been initiated

  20. No claim shall be entertained for missing documents after visa file is delivered to client. It is client’s duty to receive all documents properly

  21. Any kind of reference numbers will not be given to any applicant during or after visa processing timeline for any situation. This is strictly our business process and this information will not be disclosed to the applicant to ensure smooth and hassle free operation.

  22. Any delay in passport delivery by embassy & any financial loss as a result of it is not our responsibility. If applicant has objections please go to the embassy to voice your concern

  23. All our clients are expected to read all of the terms and conditions before taking our services.

  24. Any changes made to any visa service  will be charged extra and must be paid before visa processing is done. ( Early / late withdrawal BDT 2000 total per family, cancellation, re-submission BDT 2000 total per family, repeat appointment BDT 3000, un-scheduled delivery / pick up / logistics work/other work not included in the visa service package subject to case by case basis )

  25. We will not be giving any information regarding any visa process other than visa delivery notice to client only. We will not share any visa tracking information and nor will we give any document related to our internal visa process. We do not share any information on how visa application was prepared. This is strictly our internal business process. If you do not agree with our terms you are free to receive service elsewhere

  26. If any pressure is created to break our agency rules by any party, they will face legal action. We reserve the right to file police GD & lawsuit against any individual or organisation with any unethical accusations portrayed against us in any public, private, social or digital media platform. We will do so without prior notice if such act is seen by any individual or organization

  27. We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of harassment towards any of our agency staff. We will file case / Police GD against any individual or organization who will harass any member of our agency without prior notice

  28. Any embassy may take extra time to process any visa. All delivery time mentioned are approximate. We are not responsible for any losses due to late visa decision by embassy. Any complaint must be made by the applicant to the respective embassy regarding any irregular procedures. We do not provide any contact information about any embassy regarding any issue

  29. For any visa refusal we are not bound to show cause of refusal as it is strictly an embassy decision

  30. If visa applicant or client has any due payments towards agency then due must be cleared before passport or other visa related document is delivered

  31. Any embassy may change their visa process, rule, timeline, required papers list, qualification, fees or any other aspect without prior notice. We are not responsible for any such changes made as no embassy is obligated to have notice standards

  32. Any mistake made due to misrepresentation from applicant or wrong/not up to date information provided by applicant is the responsibility of the applicant alone and any consequence that may result from the situation

  33. If any document is proven to be lost by us we will pay up to BDT 5000 taka total after receiving legal written proof of the value of the document lost with police GD filed. Service taken by the applicant must be more than BDT 10,000 to qualify. We are not responsible for unfortunate circumstances outside our control

  34. For Russian visa if we fail to provide an invitation with in 7 working days then we will do it in 15 working days & 15 working days visa service will apply. For Russian visa process working days = Mon day to Thursday except for other holidays in between. We are not responsible for any delay in this process due to situations out of our control. In that case our original fee will be collected

  35. We will take written consent of all visa application details. Once visa process is started no change will be allowed. Any change requires new application & full new visa service payment

  36. We will only communicate with the applicant OR the contact person mentioned at the starting point of the visa application form in all regards. No communication from any other 3rd party will be entertained. We will communicate with only one person per group.

  37. Dragon Holidays BD reserves the right to deny service to anyone after evaluation

  38. We will not delay any of our process due to applicant not providing full information or documents.

  39. Applicant must receive the service within time frame mentioned by us. Any delay of more than 5 working days from applicant’s end in providing the required documents & information will lead to the cancellation of the visa application service with no refunds given. The applicant will have the chance to pay a fine to continue service after the delay period. Fine will be  30%  of the original service charge paid

  40. If the applicant himself / herself communicates with the embassy in any way shape or form we will not take any further responsibility of that applicant’s (and his group’s) visa process. Visa service will be considered as cancelled.

  41. We will not entertain any service claim after delivery date is over

  42. Any un utilized service is not transferable in any situation. If you paid & cancelled a service then all fees are non refundable

  43. In the case where an embassy is delaying appointment for visa file submission for more than 6 months the applicant may apply for another embassy. We will adjust the already paid visa processing fee with the visa processing fees for the new embassy. But there will be no refunds given due to delay in appointments from the embassy end.

  44. If you do not submit documents for visa on our mentioned date then we will cancel all bookings, and invitations with no refunds given

  45. We do not provide any documentation printing, copy, scanning, notary, translation or other document services. Subject to extra charges during purchase

  46. You must send visa scan copy after visa approval for our record & reporting to respective inviting company in the respective country

  47. We reserve the right to display or make reference to any approved visa which we have processed by partially hiding all sensitive information of the applicant.

  48. For all visa service: after making payment for visa if you do not finish complete visa process then we will not provide any refund whatsoever

  49. Dragon Holidays BD reserves the right to make any changes to its internal policies without prior notice

  50. It is passenger responsibility to make sure he has all required valid documents to travel abroad including valid passport, visa & other documents

  51. If applicant fails to submit his / her file to the respective embassy on the stipulated date/time then new appointment fees or complete new application fees must be given for new submission

  52. If the visa application needs to be resubmitted or reapplied or if any work related to the visa application process needs to be redone for any reason whatsoever all new processing fees must be paid. This includes any changes made to the visa application by the embassy. For example if any embassy changes the application submission date and new visa application must be submitted then full new processing fees must be paid minus 10% discount. As we have no control over situations like this we cannot re-do any of the work without new fees.

  53. Electronic forms of communication will be used to notify the client or applicant regarding any & all aspects of the visa application on a time to time basis. Electronic media such as email, whatsapp, viber or SMS maybe used. The Client must check or be active on the electronic medias at all times before, during & after visa application has been submitted to the respective embassy. Failure to be active in the said electronic communication mediums may result in visa rejection with all its additional protocols for which the consultant will not be held responsible in any circumstance what so ever.

  54. For Vietnam & any other visa service, we will collect payment & documents first to assess the applicant profile. If we think the profile is risky then we may not apply for visa. We may return the documents & payment after assessing the profile. This process may take 2 to 15 working days. We are not responsible for any delay in passengers’ travel due to this delay

  55. Visa submission may not be possible on time due to high demand, long lines & limited quota of file submission each day. We are not responsible for any delay regarding this type of delay

  56. Due to high backlog of visa applications several foreign embassies are rescheduling appointment dates. We cannot guarantee any fix date. Embassy may reschedule any appointment date as per embassy operational need. We cannot change or reschedule any appointment dates as per applicant's convenience. Apologies but situation is same all over the world, not only in Bangladesh

  57. For some embassies we cannot ensure when we can submit your passport as there are daily limits set by the embassy & there is no way to predict when the limit will fill up. So there may be delay in submission of passports for embassies like Thailand & others. We will not be responsible for any consiquences due to delay in this vis aprocess


    > Only E visa is eligible for urgent processing
    > 1 Working day required for visa. You submit on Monday & get visa next day.
    > Must submit visa application with 100% payment by 12pm local time
    > Date of visa submission not counted as a day
    > Any holiday / govt emergency / immigration surge may affect the delivery of urgent E visa. In such cases delivery will be made in 2/3 days. If visa delivered in 2/3 Days fee will be reduced by 1000 BDT. In such case if 7 days is required for delivery then we will not charge extra for the visa. Normal visa fee will be charged.
    > Vietnam E-visa Urgent or normal in any situation BDT 4999 is non-refundable in any case what so ever.
    > FRI/SAT/SUN considered as holidays & will not be counted as a working day
    >Visa provided by Vietnam immigration authority & we do not have any control over visa approval
    >We do not recommend making any travel arrangements on the basis of expecting E visa delivery ith in 1 day as there is no guarantee of 1 day delivery.
    >DAD & HAN Airport as point of entry is ok for Urgent Vietnam E-visa. If SGN airport selected then extra BDT 5000 needed

  59. চায়না ভিসার ডেলিভারির সময় ও রেট আবেদনকারী ভেদে পরিবর্তন হতে পারে। পরিবর্তন হবে কিনা তা পাসপোর্ট এমব্যাসিতে সাবমিট করার পর কিংবা আগে জানা যেতে পারে। রেট পরিবর্তন হলে আবেদনকারীকে পরিবর্তিত রেট প্রদান করতে হবে। এই প্রোটোকল আমাদের দ্বারা নির্ধারিত নয়। অতএব আমরা এই বিষয়ে কোন আলোচনা করতে অপরাগ

  60. ভিসা রিজেক্ট হলে রিজেক্ট এর কারন নিয়ে কোন আলোচনা আমাদের সাথে করা যাবে না। আপনি চাইলে নতুন করে আবেদন করতে পারেন নতুন ফি সহ

  61. ভিসা রিজেক্ট হবার কারন হিসাবে কোন তৃতীয় পক্ষ আপনাকে কি উপদেশ দিল আমরা তা শুনতে আগ্রহি নই। অনুগ্রহপূর্বক যেকোনো প্রাসঙ্গিক কাগজ পত্র নিজে পড়ুন

  62. ভিসা সংক্রান্ত যেকোনো বিষয়ে আবেদনকারী ছাড়া অন্য কারো সাথে আমরা কোন প্রকার যোগাযোগ করি না

  63. একটি গ্রুপ এ আবেদনকারী একাধিক হলে আমরা শুধুমাত্র ওই গ্রুপ এর একজনের সাথে যোগাযোগ করব ও আপডেট প্রদান করব

  64. ভিসা অ্যাপ্লিকেশান এর কাজ শেষ হলে শুধু মাত্র তখনি আমরা আবেদনকারিকে আপডেট দিয়ে জানাব। এর বাইরে আমরা ভিসা প্রসেস সংক্রান্ত কোন আপডেট প্রদান করি না

  65. আপানার ভিসার ফাইল আপনাকে আমাদের অফিস এ এসে বুঝে ডেলিভারি নিতে হবে। ভিসার রেডি ফাইল ডেলিভারি দেয়া নিরাপদ নয় ও আমরা দিব না

  66. আপনার সকল প্রয়োজনীয় কাগজ আমাদের অফিস থেকে রেডি করে ফাইল ডেলিভারি দেয়া হবে। আলাদা ভাবে কোন কাগজ পরে রেডি ফাইলে ঢুকানো যাবে না

  67. ভিসার ফাইল আপনাকে ডেলিভারি দেয়ার পর কাগজ এর সিরিয়াল পরিবর্তন করবেন না। করলে আপনার ফাইল এমবাসিতে জমা হবে না। একই ফাইল পুনরায় সিরিয়াল করতে হলে আমাদের অফিস এ আসতে হবে

  68. আপনি একান্তই আমাদের অফিস এ এসে ফাইল ডেলিভারি না নিতে পারলে আমরা ডেলিভার করবো তবে আমরা কোন কিছু বুঝিয়ে দিব না। সিল করা খাম এ আমরা ফাইল দিব। ওই ফাইল আপনাকে অপরিবর্তিত ভাবে এমব্যাসিতে জমা দিতে হবে

  69. কোন কারনে ভিসা না পেলে এর কারন দর্শাতে অথবা ভিসা বিষয়ক আমাদের কোন নিয়ম নিয়ে আমাদের সাথে কোন প্রাকার বাকবিতণ্ডাতা / উস্রিংখল আচরণ করে শান্তিশৃঙ্খলা বিনষ্ট করলে অথবা কোম্পানির সুনামে আঘাত হনন করে এরূপ কিছু ইন্টারনেটে ছড়ালে আপনার পাসপোর্ট, ছবি ও অন্যান্য কাগজ সহ আপনার নামে থানায় জিডি / ফৌজদারি কার্যবিধির ১০৭ ধারা মোতাবেক হুমকি / কলহ-বিবাদ সৃষ্টি / শান্তিশৃঙ্খলা বিনষ্ট করা / ডিজিটাল সিকিউরিটি আইনের আওতায়, মামলা করা হবে কোনরূপ নোটিশ প্রদান না করিয়া। মামলা / জিডি কপি সহ আমরা বাংলাদেশে অবস্থিত সকল এমব্যাসিতে এই শান্তিশৃঙ্খলা বিনষ্টকারি আবেদনকারীর রিপোর্ট পাঠিয়ে রাখব তার ফলশ্রুতিতে আবেদনকারী সেসব দেশে চিরজীবনের ব্লাকলিস্টেড হতে পারেন


  1. Online appointment booking is for the purpose of first world country visa consultation

  2. Consultation fee is charged as per company rules. This fee will be refunded if applicant takes the first world country (US/UK/Europe/Canada/Australia/Russia/Japan) visa processing service from us. Fee is non refundable otherwise in any scenario

  3. One appointment = one 20 minute consultation session from the consultant selected during appointment booking process. Repeat appointments will require new booking

  4. On this consultation session applicant will receive
    - A full assessment of his/her socio-economic & travel profile
    - A full assessment of his/her visa success probability

  5. Consultation can be in office, online or over the phone. We will select automatically as per our available time slots but if applicant has preference then he/she can let us know by contacting us through any of the mobile numbers given

***উপরক্ত কোন বিধি না বুঝিয়া থাকিলে নিজ দাইত্তে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন

  1. Add on service fees: Visa rejection letter request: BDT 3000 (Subject to embassy policy & our service availability), Up to 5 correspondence via email with embassy / authority BDT 5000. Re application full new application fee. Reschedule appointment BDT 3000 (Subject to availability & policy). All these service fees subject to change without prior notice.

1. We have EMI option for credit card holders of 15+ banks with 3 to 36 months tenure
2. EMI available for land packages only